The Wyre Waters Catchment Partnership

Further project delivery and development

  • ​Throughout 2015 the partnership worked to deliver and develop projects within the Wyre Catchment.
  • ​The Scorton Habitat Scheme and Invasive Non Native Species Projects were completed and the delivery of capital works in the Wyre Habitat Creation Scheme was commenced.
  • ​A successful bid was made to the Catchment Partnership Action Fund and delivery of the Wyre Riparian Restoration Initiative started in earnest.

2018- 19


​​Development of the Partnership 

  • The Partnership delivered a series of  community consultation workshops at 6 locations in the catchment which were attended by a wide range of stakeholders. This was collated into a report.
  • Using the information that was collected from the stakeholders a series of projects were developed, including The Scorton Habitat Scheme, The Wyre Habitat Creation Scheme and two INNS projects.
  • The first Beach Clean was held in March 2014

The Wyre Waters catchment partnership was formed in 2013 supported by funding from the DEFRA Catchment Based Approach Initiative. The Wyre Rivers Trust was elected as the host organisation with partners including the Environment Agency, United Utilities and Wyre Council. 

The aim of the partnership is to promote collaborative working within the Wyre catchment to improve the status of all water bodies  to “Good” under the Water Framework Directive by 2027.

Outreach and engagement

  • The creation of an estuary group brought a wide range of industrial and charity organisations together
  • The partnership delivered a number of events to promote the River Wyre and raise awareness of the issues facing it. These included a World Oceans day celebration event, River walks and ecology lectures 


Scaling up

  • The catchment partnership delivered its second Bioblitz event  supported by 25 partner organisations. Over 150 volunteers, school children and seasoned wildlife experts got together to survey everything from phytoplankton to bats, the Bioblitz also included a host of community and educational activities which saw 1000 members of the public finding out about the wildlife of the Wyre Estuary
  • The Partnership Celebrated the 5th year of it's monthly beach clean at Knott End
  • ​A programme of ecology days was delivered to teach people about the habitats within the Wyre catchment

Plans for the Future

  • The partnership continues to have regular steering group and estuary group meetings where partners discuss project updates and new project ideas
  • We continue to work with new partners and stakeholders and are currently in the process of a stakeholder analysis to see if there's anyone we're missing! 
  • We are  working towards a more focussed set of ecology days which will help train recorders to help increase knowledge of invertebrates within the catchment


Formation of the Wyre Waters Catchment Partnership 


  • Stakeholders for the Wyre Catchment were invited to join the Steering Group of the Wyre Waters Catchment Partnership.
  • ​At monthly meetings the Steering Group began to assess opportunities for collaborative working