​​Wyre Riparian Restoration Initiative



Macro-invertebrate families such as the ​Heptageniidae and ​Ephemeridae ​will benefit from the reduction in fine sediments and faecal matter which are allowed to enter Woodplumpton Brook.

As part of this project, around 1,100m of fencing and 5 sections of bank restoration work were completed along with the installation of an interpretation panel. The works were delivered on a section of Woodplumpton Brook which is in close proximity to the village of Catforth.

This is particularly important in this area as the diversity of aquatic invertebrates in this brook is not reaching its potential due to inputs of sediment and diffuse agricultural pollution. Through the restoration of bankside habitat we aim to promote increases in water and habitat quality, the improvements which result will allow Woodplumpton Brook to support a greater diversity of aquatic life.

The project was delivered as part of the Catchment Partnership Action Fund which was funded by the Environment Agency.