An Enforcement Undertaking is a voluntary offer made by an offender to repair environmental damage they have caused and make sure it cannot happen again. It enables the Environment Agency to decide whether or not to prosecute a business for breaching environmental regulations in cases where it is not in the public interest to prosecute. The offer must address the cause and effect of the offending and protect, restore or enhance the natural capital of England.

Enforcement undertakings mean that funding is made available local to where the offence occurred so that remediation can take place, which does not always happen when prosecutions occur. The Wyre Rivers Trust can help to advise and carry out remediation works.

If you are responsible for an offence, and/or pollution incident it is essential that you act quickly.  Minimise the impact by stopping the activity resulting in the damage and report it immediately to the Environment Agency.  Reporting it quickly will reduce the risk of prosecution and avoid the associated reputational harm, legal costs, fines, increased insurance costs and risk to future business.

 How we can help

The Wyre Rivers Trust are well placed to deliver enforcement undertakings for restoration and remediation activities.  The Trust has a team of staff who are experienced in delivering a range of projects including river restoration, wetland creation and habitat improvement works in both rural and urban settings within the Wyre catchment.  We are able to offer specialist advice, guidance and assistance to businesses and individuals to ensure the best outcomes possible from an environmental offence.

For more detail on civil sanctions and enforcement actions you can read the Environment Agency guidance here (including a link to Enforcement undertaking offer form). 

If you would like to discuss Enforcement Undertakings in the Wyre Catchment please contact the Trust via our contact page.

Enforcement Undertakings