Ecology For All

6th June, Stanah, Wyre Estuary Country Park

10am-3pm, meet at Riverside Room


  • Familiarisation with salt marsh species, halophytes and salt tolerance
  • Formation of salt marshes
  • Saltmarsh transect (line transect, (survey to establish type of zonation)

Sand Dunes
13th June, Fleetwood

10am-3pm, meet at Rossall Point, Fleetwood


  • Familiarisation with sand dune species and their xerophytic adaptations. Zonation and succession
  • Bird survey of sand dune systems (psammoseres) Random quadrat survey to establish plant species density

Six exciting and varied venues are the setting for an opportunity to know and understand more about the habitats in and around the Wyre Estuary. No previous knowledge is required, just a passion for natural history! 

Morecambe Bay Food Web
11th July, Fleetwood

11am-4pm, meet at the RLNI Centre


  • Familiarisation of the species within the bay (trawled on the day)
  • Establishment of food chains and food web within the bay
  • Bird survey

Muddy Shores

​16th May 2019, Knott End beach

Freshwater Ecology 

4th July 2019, Scorton

10am-3pm, meet at Springfield House


  • Familiarisation with freshwater species and surrounding flora
  • Biotic indices
  • Measuring abiotic factors and their influences/ effect on the health of a river
  • Interventions to improve water quality

The Royal Society of Biology in Partnership with Wyre Rivers Trust and Wyre Council Offer...

Small mammals, birds and wildlife photography
16th July, Stanah, Wyre Estuary Country Park

10am-3pm. Meet at Riverside Room 

  • Familiarisation with species of small mammals at the country park
  • Population survey of small mammals
  • Bird survey of the salt marsh and surrounding area
  • Wildlife photography techniques and practice

10-3pm, meet at Knott End Car Park


  • Familiarisation with species on the shore
  • Introduction to binomial nomenclature (scientific names)
  • Classification
  • Littoral zonation
  • Strand Lines
  • Personal Research

Please bring food and drinks for the day. You need suitable clothing and footwear (wet weather, wellies, boots). There is no charge for these courses and you may select which days you wish to attend, however booking is essential. RSB members should book via, others through

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